Popular Water Features to Enhance your Pool

Popular Water Features to Enhance your Pool

Having a pool installed is more than picking out the shape and size of the pool. Many home owners choose to enhance their pool with some of the industries most popular water features. Whether home owners and looking to have splash pads, deck jets, or water fountains, the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.

Fountains and Bubblers

Adding fountains or bubblers to your spa or pool area can create a beautiful focal point for you and your guests. A simple upward spray or bubbling area arranged in the center of a rectangular pool brings elegance and style to a beautiful pool. Or consider placing a fountain at one of the ends of your pool to create a small shower.


Fountains and bubblers are nice, but waterfalls make pools absolutely gorgeous. Our team can design natural looking waterfalls cascading down large rocks and even more modern style waterfalls spewing from behind a stone surface. Your guest will be mesmerized by the serenity as the water flows.

Spa Areas

Its common for custom designed pools to include a spa area for relaxation. Spas create a romantic space for couples or a cozy environment for small parties or groups. This can be an area the whole family can enjoy.

Wading Pools

When there are children around, its great to have a wading pool area for them to enjoy. Young children can use this area to play safely and remain in close proximity with the rest of the family. Don’t worry, once the children have outgrown it, this area can easily be transformed into a family friendly cozy spa.

Splash Pad

Splash pads are family favorites. They make a great enhancement to a pool are for family fun or can be a less expensive option to having a full size pool. Installation for splash pads are easy and don’t require a lot of maintenance for home owners.

Deck Jets

Seeing a stream of water magically appear from the pool deck is an attractive addition to your pool area. Deck jets are pool enhancements that remain out of sight while shooting an amazing stream of water across your pool. You can point these jets in any direction, create single or multiple entry points, or position them to hit the water just right for a gentle or big splash.