5 Modern Designs to Enhance Your Pool Style

5 Modern Designs to Enhance Your Pool Style

Classic Pools & Lighting

A modern, sleek, appealing pool design should have classic pool lighting. You should look for lighting choices that appear subtle, but give enough light for day and evening pool or patio activities. Lighting choices to consider, include small torch lights, floating candles, or nearby fire pits. The goals is to keep the design classic and simple. Keep in mind, simple doesn’t mean small or insignificant, small touches give off a modern and elegant style.

Modern Patio Furniture

In a modern pool area, remember you’re creating a space for rest and relaxation. Promote a comfortable and peaceful setting by using enticing lounge furniture. Look for simple wooden pieces, decorative cushions and pillows, wicker furniture, glass patio sets, and elegant umbrellas.

Simple Pool Features

Moderns pools can achieve a sleek and elegant style by using minimal pool features. Simple touches like small water flows or single stream fountains add a tasteful appeal to your pool. There’s a place for large water slides, rock grottos and tiki torches, but when your looking for a sleek finish, consider simple enhancements. Something as minimal as underwater light can greatly beautiful your pool area.